Hi, I'm Janine. I help women navigate their own journey and take control of their health as they prepare for and adjust to motherhood. The everyday choices you make during this critical window of time can help you look and feel your best now and also set your child up for a lifetime of better health.

Part well-informed friend.


Part clinical

Basically, I see you because I was you: The high-achiever who wants to do and have it all. You want to be the best mom, but also be true to yourself outside of that “mom” identity. You want to raise healthy babies who grow into good people. Despite the fear, the stress, and the pressure—the journey into motherhood is challenging—you need to know that you can have it all.

I can’t wait for you to experience the joy that comes with this process.

Let’s start back in 2016: I just married my husband, Tom, and we were planning for our first baby. I intuitively knew that my approach to “health” in my 20’s - restriction and exercise, was likely not going to serve me anymore (was it ever?). I didn’t know where to look for guidance at first. The more I read about the power of nutrition, the more my perspective changed, regarding food as fuel and appreciating all it could do for my body and my future baby. Down the wellness rabbit hole I went, resulting in a career change and a master’s degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. At the same time, I worked with a functional medicine doctor and nutritionist. Together, they guided me through a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and micronutrient deficiencies to optimize my health and fertility. Shortly thereafter, I was pregnant with my first child.

It really was perfect timing. But you don’t need to have a quarter life crisis and change your career to set yourself up for success.

My story started just like yours...

If you work with me, you might hear me say that phrase and that’s because there’s so many nuances to a woman’s body as she transitions into motherhood. There’s no one script or one-size-fits-all approach.

Just because it’s not easy, does not mean it has to be complicated. 

So, what's it like to work together? It depends.

My clients see me as a trusted professional, but also a well-informed friend. The one who actually knows what they’re talking about instead of quoting the latest influencer/model/blogger.  

You’ll get that same balance of legitimate expertise and genuine support.  

The fast track: work with me

Ready to clear the noise and improve your
nutrition so that your body functions at its best?

Who you’ve been, who you are, and who you want to be provides that context. I help you achieve your goals by aligning research-backed advice with your unique healthy history and personal story.  

I approach nutrition with an empathy for your reality, stacking tiny, achievable habits that catalyze noticeable transformations in your health and well being.

By understanding you as a human, we can fine tune your path to reach your health goals.

And I’ll always share the reasoning behind my recommendations because when you understand the value of the changes you make, you won’t need to rely on sheer willpower anymore.


Context adds