Nutrition is nuanced; The journey into motherhood is complex. But it doesn’t have to feel so scary, and you don’t need to do it all alone.

Clinical Nutrition for motherhood

So, you want it all?

Let’s get a few things clear: There’s no shame in wanting the best for your baby while also looking and feeling your best too . As a mom of two, I get it. The juggle of trying to do it all and not losing yourself in the process is real. Just know that whatever you’re struggling with, you’re not alone anymore.

I’m a Board-Certified Nutritionist for new moms, moms-to-be, and “someday” moms who want to prioritize their own health today. I combine what we know from research-backed science with my experience and your bio-individuality to create a plan to best nourish you and your baby, so you can focus on enjoying this special time.

I'm Janine.


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Own your journey into motherhood with personalized, 1:1 support from a clinical nutritionist. Let’s take the guesswork out of feeling like your best self.

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There’s a critical window from preconception through the early years of motherhood where you have an unmatched power to positively impact the long-term health of your children and even your children’s children. Often, this task brings up fear and overwhelm, which makes sense—it’s an incredible responsibility and a life changing accomplishment.

Science-backed and evidence-based nutrition support...



"Pregnancy was hard, postpartum was harder. I needed to take care of myself and for the first time in my life it wasn't about the scale or newest diet trend. After gaining 50lbs in pregnancy I needed some guidance and support and I'm forever thankful I found Janine!"


"When my husband and I were ready to conceive, we were able to do so immediately. I am confident that this occurred due to working with Janine for a year and following her advice. From food, clean products, and fitness, I was able to turn around my health and she always kept me on track. Janine has helped me through conceiving, being pregnant, and I am confident and excited for my postpartum health journey when the time comes!"


"My experience working with Janine is nothing short of amazing. Janine is a real person, which is hard to find in this industry and with medical professionals. She has a gentle approach that makes you feel like you have someone guiding and supporting you through the process and helps you find ways to adapt the changes she is suggesting."

Functional medicine considers how our bodily systems, mind, and emotions intertwine and how imbalances manifest through physical symptoms. The emphasis is on identifying and treating the root cause instead of just the symptoms. Integrative medicine is the union of both conventional or Western medicine and complementary therapies like those found in Eastern medicine.

Combined, you receive the best of both worlds: Holistic nutrition that’s deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional cultures and the most up-to-date science.

What is integrative and functional nutrition?

Healthy dinner recipes that are full of flavor and light on clean-up. Perfect for busy mamas hungry to do it all.

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